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Manager – Ad Operations
Job Description :

MediaMint is seeking Manager, Ad operations to join our Hyderabad office. The person is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the advertising operations workflow, from management of the ad ops process, confirming inventory, campaign set up, testing, implementation, optimization, and ultimately fulfillment.

A solid understanding of digital ad operations, compliance, performance standards, and familiarity with a wide variety of ad technology platforms and verification tools is a must.  This individual must have experience in end to end campaign management across multiple platforms along with a proven track record of managing successful campaigns.

This position has base salary, plus bonus and offers excellent opportunities for career advancement within the online advertising vertical.

  • Work with the management team to define and implement ad operations processes and manage the daily operations of the department
  • Be the primary point of contact for all Client requirements and ensure that all campaigns are processed according to the contractual specifications and guarantees are met through constant monitoring and optimization to meet desired KPI goals
  • Analyzes performance metrics for all online ad campaigns, measuring dozens of variables across multiple dimensions
  • Stay abreast of trends in online advertising, product development, and yield optimization best practices
  • Engage with existing and identify new verification tools or new ad tech offerings to continue to emerge MediaMint as a leader in the digital advertising space
  • Effectively communicate and build relationships with audience extension partners to identify ongoing inventory needs and coordinate with our ad serving vendor and any 3rd party ad servers in the set-up, execution and reporting of our ad campaigns
  • Ensure efficiency in the Ad operations process with proper guidelines and timesheets
  • Mentor team to Optimize campaigns, reviewing reports and making suggestions for improved performance to insure complete delivery and maximum revenue
  • Troubleshoot and resolve all internal and external issues associated with ad campaigns
  • Should conduct periodic reviews of the team members and identify emerging talent within the team
Basic Qualifications
  • 8+ years relevant work experience managing online ad operations
  • Minimum 2+ years of experience in managing global ad operations team
  • Experience with ad trafficking (display, video), de-bugging, data collection, ad optimizations
  • Ad exchange or Demand Side Platform media buying a big plus
  • Experience with one or more large commercial ad serving solutions: DFP, OpenX etc.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Advanced spreadsheet and database management skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • Good understanding of online advertising, sales and marketing concepts & metrics
  • Excellent project and people management skills
  • Strong team player with exceptional client service skills
  • Creates a fun working environment, always bringing a positive attitude and energy
  • Proven ability to: multitask, work under pressure, understand client needs and build relationships
  • Demonstrated knowledge of digital technology
  • Detail oriented, with excellent analytical, technical and problem solving skills
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Team Lead – Ad Operations
Job Description :

MediaMint is seeking an experienced Team Lead for Ad operations team to join our Hyderabad office. In this position, you will be an integral play in managing a team of traffickers and managing the ad operations department for forward looking online media partners, large portals, agencies and other advertisers. This position a base salary plus bonus and offers excellent opportunities for career advancement within the technology vertical.

  • Be the coordinator with one or more external clients and ensure that all campaign requests are addressed in a timely and prioritized manner.
  • Work with Traffickers to ensure that the campaign setup is according to expectations and answer any questions related to ad operations
  • Be the primary point of contact for all ad related inquiries, both internally and externally
  • Be able to traffic and QA different types of campaigns such as CPA, CPM, CPC.
  • Able to work with different platforms such as display, in text, video and mobile advertising
  • Manage and maintain weekly reports for internal management and external billing purposes
  • Provide suggestions on how to optimize ad campaigns to insure complete delivery and maximum revenue
  • Create and analyze reports to insure campaign performance and contract compliance
  • Troubleshoot and resolve all internal and external issues associated with ad campaigns
  • Escalate highly technical issues that beyond just tag trouble shooting to the engineering team
  • 5+years relevant work experience managing online ad operations
  • Should have configured campaigns, did quality review of work
  • Launching of campaigns to go live is a plus
  • Should have worked directly with US clients or associates in the past
  • Absolutely know how to traffic and trouble shoot CPA, CPM and CPC campaigns
  • Ability to work during US timings from 9:30pm to 6:30am IST
  • Experience with one or more internet ad serving systems, such as Atlas or DoubleClick
  • Advanced spreadsheet and database management skills
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Detail oriented, with excellent analytical, technical, and problem solving skills
  • Strong team player with exceptional client service skills
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
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Life at Mediamint

Have fun


Our motto: A work environment should be enriching from a professional as well as emotional perspective. People who work with us nurture this environment. Our leaders are just guardians or custodians of this vision.

MediaMint is a friendly, close knit work environment where people don’t just ask how was the weekend but make the whole week great for you.
We celebrate the idea of being approachable. We want MediaMinters train, support and listen to each other. We strive to bring down silos within the organization.
At MediaMint, a lead or a manager is a friend, coach and mentor. We actively sensitize them to listen to people, to empathize with them and take decisions that are in the best interest of their teams.
At MediaMint, exceptional work is recognized. We believe the best way to encourage and motivate people is to show role models who demonstrate our values at work. From pat on the back to fast track promotion, an earnest attempt to be the best is always rewarded here.


We are all multifaceted and multi-passionate people. Nurturing our hobbies makes our lives more wholesome. With the pressures of modern day work, working on your hobbies and passions while at work is the best way to unwind. We at MediaMint encourage like minded people to work together towards their hobbies by volunteering for various committees. Cannot find your passion in the list below, well you can start your own committee here !

Follow your passion for uncovering cool stuff at workplace and also within the digital marketing domain. Our newsletter committee will interest you !
Bring out the artist and interior decorator in you. If you have passion for festivals, all the more reason to celebrate ! Work of our festive committee will interest you !
That responsible, patriotic and social being in us always wants to give back to the society which fostered us. You could give back through our CSR committee
To rekindle the passion within you to spread knowledge and wisdom to folks at MediaMint, our knowledge sharing committee – Naipunya, is the right starting point !
A rare and on-hand opportunity to define our identity within the social network is something which excites a lot of our people. We channelize this through our social media committee


Once upon a time there was Tom who worked all day long. We don’t want Toms at our office. We provide great opportunities for MediaMinters to face off each other – be in at the carom board or on the cricket pitch. Being competitive is good for us – both physically and mentally.

Organization wide competitions for these sports:
Badminton, Volleyball, Carom, Cricket, Throw ball and Table Tennis
Sports competitions round the year…well almost
And Hell ya ! You can add more to this list, manage the sporting calendar and more through our sports committee Inertia !
When you are not sweating out competing at sports, you can do so at our fully functional gymnasium under the skillful watch of a trainer

Have Fun

Once upon a time there was Tom who worked all day long. We don’t want Toms at our office. While some are excited at sports, the others want to just have fun and party ! We do make more than our bit of noise and you are welcome to add your voice to that.

The whole organization unwinds and parties together in December every year. For the non-inducted – we prepare over a month for this event !

We have super fun events every month which can go a wee bit crazy ! But the Fridays that we have this – you get the bang for the buck !

And ofcourse the customary team dinners, lunches and movies ! We encourage people to produce work we are proud of and celebrate fittingly !


  • I have been associated with MediaMint for more than 3 yrs. Joining MediaMint is one of the best decisions I have made at both professional and personal levels. It helped me in viewing the problem from multiple angles and come up with the best solution for the same.

    We work very closely with the management team at MediaMint. They help us work together as a team and excel as individual leads/managers. They motivate me to keep taking action and challenge me by taking me out of my comfort zone. This helped me to stay focused on my goals while reminding me that it’s Ok to fail - that it's far better to take the leap than to stay stuck.

    K Prithviraj Program Manager
  • MediaMint is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge they possess. The positive working environment in the company gives the employees a strong reason to keep growing. The best part about working with MediaMint is, it lets you shine, your thoughts & ideas are encouraged and there is no such moment called as a dull moment.

    Avinash Vellore Team Lead
  • It has been four years with MediaMint and I can say without a doubt, the learning never stops! MediaMint offers loads of opportunities and if you are the go-getter, you will surely bask in the glory that it brings along. You will see yourself heard at every step, guided during those tough situations and most importantly, having fun at work too. This place gives you the perfect work-life balance with no burn-outs. The entire culture has this humane approach into the workforce that practices transparency and an open door environment. If you want to live your dream of working at a Startup, then you must definitely be a part of the MediaMint community

    Sai Kumari Nagraj L&D Lead
  • Close to completing three wonderful years that went past productively quick, with so many eventful achievements, all I can notice and acknowledge when I play it all on slo-mo is a collective success in the making. With an open work culture and high approachability across the board, you are only destined to constantly explore-educate-evolve (repeat). Once you get used to this (which you very soon will), it’ll consciously take you away from boxed thinking and expands your comfort zone every now and then. Added to this environment-induced motivation is constant guidance and mentoring from experienced professionals (who will mostly be around you regardless of what work you do) every time you are trying to achieve something new. MediaMint’s growth plans have always included employees’ upbringing and they play a vital role in planning for a realistic career advancement. If you are someone who can foresee organizational dynamics, you wouldn’t move an inch away from here.

    Prudhvi Pramod Team Lead
  • Every company is a separate legal entity. After joining MediaMint I also realized that every company has its own unique corporate persona! The big difference, this time around, is that this 'persona' seems to 'fit' my personality to the tee.

    A lot of companies just talk the talk but this one, truly, lives up to what it says! At last, I feel, that I am in a place where working is fun and not just another eight-hour punishment. I am surrounded by colleagues who are hard working and career oriented on the one hand, but on the other hand, they are also genuine, positive and friendly.

    Adding to all this, the down to earth behavior and approach-ability that the top level managers display is something that is hard to duplicate. Overall, I would like to say that, flexible work hours, a great rewards and recognition program, opportunities for growth within the company, a successful professional career and an enhanced feeling of overall well-being is something that MediaMint has provided me with!

    Shivani Saincher Partner Engagement Lead

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