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Ok then, so WHO are we hiring!

In the last seven years, having interviewed over 25,000 prospects, we’ve mastered the perfect recipe for an Ideal MediaMinter.

The Ideal MediaMinter is a millennial and a modern thinker. Is not scared of change or challenge. Brings in one’s personality into work and transforms people and teams across the company. Is excited about new possibilities and opportunities, and considers work as a constant learning experience rather than a conformed destination. Abides the rules and also breaks them when the end goal is of greater value.

These qualities not only define him/her but defines the
fundamentals of the whole company.

Looking for 120 future rockstars across -
  • Ad Operations
  • Search Operations
  • Customer Support
  • Campaign Management
Job tittle: Ad Operations
Experience: More than 1 year of relevant experience
Roles and Responsibilities:

The right candidate shall be instrumental in providing value to our clients, and therefore integral to growing our business. This role requires a meticulous person who is able to go above and beyond.

You shall be responsible for both, implementing and monitoring the entire campaign lifecycle. You shall be helping our business to success through client relationship and campaign developmental strategy. You will manage campaigns in a high volume environment and act as the focal point of communication across several internal teams.

Job tittle: Search Operations
Experience: More than 1 year of relevant experience
Roles and Responsibilities:

The ideal candidate will have a strong quantitative background specifically into search engine marketing,a certification of Google adwords, experience working with large data sets, and ability to make or support data-driven decision making for the revenue drivers of a reputed client.

With growth, you will be working closely with Account Managers to manage and optimize the client’s book of business from a vertical/region perspective.

Job tittle: Customer Support
Experience: More than 1 year of relevant experience
Roles and Responsibilities:

A support role requires you to be creative, innovative, outgoing, and customer-oriented with excellent communication skills. The ideal candidate should be proficient in Microsoft Office, a self-starter with good communication skills, and detail-oriented.

He/She will be directly supporting advertising consultants by generating leads, providing assistance to customers, supporting the sales staff.

Job tittle: Campaign Management
Experience: More than 1 year of relevant experience
Roles and Responsibilities:

We need someone with related full-time experience, preferably within a digital agency or client services environment. He/She must have comprehensive knowledge of leveraging different platforms as per need (SSPs, DSPs, Social Media Platforms, etc.)

This role will be responsible for the trafficking of display campaigns. This position is a blend of marketing operations, and marketing strategy. The onus is on the campaign manager to bring success to the campaign.

The Ultimate Candidate Experience

Do stereotypical interviews bore or stress you out?

You are relieved! We are here with a new and ultimate candidate experience.

We are hiring on WhatsApp! This is a sheer representation of who we are and what we do - we are Digital Evangelists.

Just drop a note on WhatsApp. Our crack team will chat with you, ask questions, set up interviews and get back with a decision, all within 48 hours!

It’s like chatting with a friend; a friend who can drive a career-changing opportunity for you.

We assure a memorable and delightful interview experience with MediaMint.

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From being a small digital marketing shop in 2010, MediaMint has now transformed into a melting pot of ideas, excitement and enthusiasm. With emphasis on substance over size, we are an eclectic company that has redefined careers from being mundane jobs to fruitful learning experiences.

Enter #Mission500 – Be a part of our growth story.

#Mission500 is our quest to reach a company strength of 500 people within 30 days. We’re 120 short of this goal. The entire MediaMint team is now rallying to attract the best minds to help us reach this milestone. The effort has been nothing short of breath-taking. With referrals, volunteers to assist in the interview process, and folks helping us create and drive this campaign together - there can be nothing better that exemplifies the true spirit of MediaMint.

If you like what you’ve heard so far but cannot join MediaMint right now, do the next best thing – Refer us to your friends and help us with #Mission500.

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