We offer digital marketing services which are customized according to your needs and business processes. We work as your team extension which is ideal for scale.

Commercial Models

Shared Adops

Pay by the hour for support from our
Shared AdOps team fulfilling your needs
overnight/early morning

Dedicated Agents

Your own full-time agents custom built to
plug into and support your local teams
with room and vision to scale up fast
across various departments

Fair share yield optimization

We will optimize publisher remnant
performance to boost overall revenue yield and
we only take a share from the lift resulted.
Risk-free to Publishers with no existing
programmatic yield solutions

We Ensure Engagement Essentials

Utilization Reports
Transparent Billing
and Contracting
Privacy, Data
and IPR Compliance

Why Us

Our experienced high potential team delivers operational efficiency and excellence

  • "MediaMint's professionalism, responsiveness and understanding our needs has allowed us to significantly scale our business."

    Jen Mclean Vice President, Marketing, Technorati Media
  • "MediaMint is a trusted partner that helps us scale our business and technology needs quickly. They are aligned with our business goals and go out of their way to provide the highest quality of service, talent, insights and necessary skill set to boost our performance. MediaMint has been instrumental to our company's ongoing success. We highly recommend them for any online media company."

    Justin Kuykendall CEO, Pulpo Media
  • "MediaMint's knowledgeable and skilled team really listens to our needs and supports all of our daily operations and reporting functions. Their partnership is a strategic asset and a critical factor to our success."

    Jason Tsang Sr Director, Audience and Operations, CoreAudience
  • I have been associated with MediaMint for more than 3 yrs. Joining MediaMint is one of the best decisions I have made at both professional and personal levels. It helped me in viewing the problem from multiple angles and come up with the best solution for the same.

    We work very closely with the management team at MediaMint. They help us work together as a team and excel as individual leads/managers. They motivate me to keep taking action and challenge me by taking me out of my comfort zone. This helped me to stay focused on my goals while reminding me that it’s Ok to fail - that it's far better to take the leap than to stay stuck.

    K Prithviraj Program Manager
  • MediaMint is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge they possess. The positive working environment in the company gives the employees a strong reason to keep growing. The best part about working with MediaMint is, it lets you shine, your thoughts & ideas are encouraged and there is no such moment called as a dull moment.

    Avinash Vellore Team Lead
  • It has been four years with MediaMint and I can say without a doubt, the learning never stops! MediaMint offers loads of opportunities and if you are the go-getter, you will surely bask in the glory that it brings along. You will see yourself heard at every step, guided during those tough situations and most importantly, having fun at work too. This place gives you the perfect work-life balance with no burn-outs. The entire culture has this humane approach into the workforce that practices transparency and an open door environment. If you want to live your dream of working at a Startup, then you must definitely be a part of the MediaMint community

    Sai Kumari Nagraj L&D Lead
  • Close to completing three wonderful years that went past productively quick, with so many eventful achievements, all I can notice and acknowledge when I play it all on slo-mo is a collective success in the making. With an open work culture and high approachability across the board, you are only destined to constantly explore-educate-evolve (repeat). Once you get used to this (which you very soon will), it’ll consciously take you away from boxed thinking and expands your comfort zone every now and then. Added to this environment-induced motivation is constant guidance and mentoring from experienced professionals (who will mostly be around you regardless of what work you do) every time you are trying to achieve something new. MediaMint’s growth plans have always included employees’ upbringing and they play a vital role in planning for a realistic career advancement. If you are someone who can foresee organizational dynamics, you wouldn’t move an inch away from here.

    Prudhvi Pramod Team Lead
  • Every company is a separate legal entity. After joining MediaMint I also realized that every company has its own unique corporate persona! The big difference, this time around, is that this 'persona' seems to 'fit' my personality to the tee.

    A lot of companies just talk the talk but this one, truly, lives up to what it says! At last, I feel, that I am in a place where working is fun and not just another eight-hour punishment. I am surrounded by colleagues who are hard working and career oriented on the one hand, but on the other hand, they are also genuine, positive and friendly.

    Adding to all this, the down to earth behavior and approach-ability that the top level managers display is something that is hard to duplicate. Overall, I would like to say that, flexible work hours, a great rewards and recognition program, opportunities for growth within the company, a successful professional career and an enhanced feeling of overall well-being is something that MediaMint has provided me with!

    Shivani Saincher Partner Engagement Lead

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