The holiday season is upon us.

Shopping for the perfect gift is not only joyful but also stressful. This is when you step in to end the dread of gift-givers. Around this time of the year in the ad space, the time is limited, and the competition is very high. A good reason for business owners like you to fret. But, you don’t have to.


Because we’ve got a few holiday essentials for you to follow:

Essential #1: Understand the holiday shoppers’ search behavior

Before you allocate the budget and set off an advertising campaign, you might want to dig deeper to understand how the holiday shopper’s search behavior changed over the recent years(like this 2019 Deloitte’s survey does). This insight will help you tap into the needs of your buyers.

Essential #2: Use Video-led campaigns to maximize your reach

According to Google, the watch time of holiday shopping videos on YouTube saw a 4X increase in a study conducted for over two years. Video-led campaigns are one way to drive your reach this year.

Essential #3: Nudge the undecided shoppers with HQ product images

At least half of the shoppers are undecided about the product before browsing through online retailers for inspiration, according to the 2019 holiday survey conducted by Deloitte. Numbers suggest that only 30 percent of these shoppers may have a product category such as Electronics in mind. Naturally, investing in high-quality product images should be at the top of your list.

Essential #4: Strategically allocate your advertising budget on product categories

So much attention has been lavished on high spenders. But, as the survey shows the high and low spenders spend their holiday budget alike. The common shopping categories include clothing, gift cards, games, or books. Knowing this, you could strategically align your advertising budget on product categories.

Bonus Point: Empathetic Marketing, The road less traveled

Lost in the euphoria of the festive shopping season, the easy way-out is to overplay your marketing messages and expect visitors to click. However, the audience today can tell when you are pushy or overplay the marketing messages.

Don’t be this

Be this, instead

Be authentic, be empathetic!

How to do that, you might ask?

Focus on the emotional connection before conversion.

  • Inject realism into your marketing messages
  • Validate your customers’ feelings and show them that you relate to them
  • Be a brand that cares

Showing empathy in marketing can go a long way in connecting with your customers, increasing loyalty, standing out from the crowd, and improving message recall and conversion.

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